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Steel Fabricators demand on the rise

Stainless steel is the most popular metal amalgam found in nature for obvious reasons. Stainless steel is used across industries and Civil Engineering, Transport, Oil and Gas and Medical are some of the biggest consumers of steel currently. It is therefore not difficult to imagine that stainless steel fabricators Taylor Engineering are in high demand thanks to the large number of industrial consumers in the area.
The way stainless steel is manufactured makes it stronger and more resilient. Presence of chromium is a major factor that contributes to the strength of the alloy. Chromium reacts with atmospheric oxygen and forms an invisible layer of chromium oxide which acts as a natural corrosion resistant. As a result, stainless steel is not only resistant to rust and the usual natural reactants that corrode iron, stainless steel are also fire proof, lustrous and easy to maintain and repair. Obviously, stainless steel fabricators Taylor Engineering are in great demand.

Stainless steel is a material of choice for many fabrication products because of its diverse qualities. This metal is extremely strong. It is resistant to bending, denting and even to scratching. It does not corrode when in contact with water even for long periods of time. Its durability makes it a preferred choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. The surfaces made from this metal can remain hygienic for a long time even after basic cleaning. Germs and other pathogens cannot survive on it for a long time.

The equipment and skills of the workers provide for precision. The ready stainless steel fabrication products are functional, reliable and durable. If you are working with an experienced and reputable company, you should expect them to offer product installation services as well. This is quite valuable especially in the case of support structures and different kinds of systems.  Taylor Engineering provide:

Made to measure steel fabrication
Steel fire escapes which can offer a great semi-permanent space saving solution for any commercial property or industrial unit, made to your requirements with the highest quality materials.
Fire Escapes that adhere to strict health and safety legislation whilst providing you with a structure you can rely on in the event of an emergency.
– Balustrades manufactured to the specifications of your staircase or balcony.

All of this is made possible by the skill of our steel fabricators Taylor Engineering and the high quality of the tools we use, such as CNC machining and turning, which allows us to deal with large structures and create something that is truly unique to your own specifications. If you require any of the above or simply wish to find out more, contact us today.  For more information, visit: or call us on 0121 326 9035.