List of Jobs You Can Get with an Engineering Degree

Gaining an engineering degree gives a graduate many job options to consider.

Students that gain experience and additional training can pursue supervisory positions such as engineering managers and engineering teachers.

Air conditioning engineers

This particular job role┬ásees engineers help design and test climate-control equipment, including refrigeration systems. Professionals monitor air and refrigeration systems used in print shops, offices or houses. Employers will be looking to hire job applicants with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering with courses in chemistry and applied maths.

Cable television engineers

A cable television engineer will meet with managers, design cable-system plans and will monitor the system’s construction. Prospects will complete an undergraduate degree in electronics engineering with courses in maths, computer technology, and science.

Engineering managers

An engineering manager has the role of training and coordinating engineering teams such as mechanical or petroleum engineers. Employers often hire job applicants with a master’s degree in engineering from an accredited university. Applicants need a knowledge of engineering science and technology with the ability to manage computer and financial data.

Engineering teachers

Engineering teachers create and instruct students in courses such as civil, naval, mechanical or computer hardware engineering. These professionals will participate in classroom group discussions, prepare student classroom plans and inform school administrators about student’s progress reports.

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