What Makes a Great Engineer?

Engineers are able to invent, innovate, design and build. But what makes a great engineer? We made a top-10 list that tells you exactly that!


  1. Technical Knowledge
    In order to be a great engineer, an infinitive pool of knowledge much be possessed. This would include an understanding of a variety of computer programs. As well as other systems and processes that are commonly used during an engineering project.
  2. Team Player
    An engineer will be aware that they are part of a large team and that they have to work together to make a project successful.
  3. Problem Solver
    They would possess the ability to quickly solve problems by figuring out where the problem stemmed from and developing a solution from that.
  4. Maths Brain
    Engineering involves complex calculations and an engineer has to be able to understand and solve them effectively.
  5. Think Logically
    Logical skills should be second nature to a great engineer. They should be able to make sense of complex systems, understand how things work and how problems arise.
  6. Creative
    A level of creatively needs to be possessed by an engineer to make them great. This would entail coming up with great ways to develop new systems and effective ways to work more efficiently.
  7. Education
    Engineering is a great engineer’s biggest passion. This would mean that they stay on top of the developments in the industry. This is as well as being open to going on new courses or expanding their education.
  8. Great Communication Skills
    As well as being a good team player, a great engineer should have great communication skills. This would include translating complex jargon when necessary and being able to communicate effectively with fellow engineers and clients alike.
  9. Attention to Detail
    Paying a meticulous attention to detail should be second nature to a great engineer. They would avoid any errors, as they know a slight error could cause a whole structure to collapse.
  10. Strong Analytical Aptitude
    The ability to examine things and thinking of how to make them better would be a process that would be natural to a great engineer, as they are naturally inquisitive.

How many of these attributes do you possess and what would you add to the list?

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