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Steel fabrication process

As steel is such a versatile material, there are a wide range of stainless steel fabricating techniques. 

In order to understand the benefits of the different types of stainless steel fabrication, we should take a look at the processes behind steel fabrication.

Stainless steel, although having a relatively high strength and work hardening rate, is malleable enough to be manipulated; bent, deep drawn, folded, machined, spun or welded.

Work hardening

The process of work hardening is strengthening the material through deformation. Relative to other varieties of steel, any stainless steel work will harden quickly, however, the rate will depend on the specific grade of the alloy.

It will be useful to match the steel grade with a work hardening treatment that is suitable. As austenitic stainless steel is often only hardened only through cold working a treatment process with thermal properties would best be applied to other grades such as those in the martensitic family.

The magnetism of stainless steel can be increased through work hardening. Steel’s magnetism does tend to be relatively slight, however, the higher work hardening rates exhibit higher levels of magnetic capacity following the treatment.

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Steel Fire Escapes and Stairs

Steel Fire Escape

Steel Fire Escapes (in the process)

Steel Fire Escape

Steel Fire Escape (in place)

Whether you require simple external stairs, internal spiral stairs or steel fire escapes, Taylor Engineering provide high-quality steel fabrication service is capable of manufacturing all kinds of steel fire escapes and stairs using mild steel, aluminium and stainless welding. We provide single flight and multi-storey stacking stairs, and our steel fire escapes can be implemented in any number of ways, providing a building with an emergency exit that’s carefully designed to complement its architectural style. Manufactured to the highest standards, Taylor Engineering use a 150 ton 4 meter brake press and offer a all types of gates and fencing designed manufactured and installed and including on site repairs to all the above. We are specialists in the manufacture of steelwork for all types of signs, including forecourt totems and other large steel sub-structure, and all of our staff are coded welders. Our steel fire escapes provide buildings with a safe and reliable emergency exit. Working closely with our clients each step of the way, we ensure sophisticated design solutions, utilising modern, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and equipment.  From the initial site inspection and design concept to final installation, we make certain our fire escapes and stairs are manufactured to exact specifications and adhere to approved building and fire safety regulations.  All processes are carried out ‘in house’ by our experienced engineers using our full engineering and fabrication workshop, producing items to drawings or pattern. For further information about our steel fire escape stairs and steel fabrication services, contact us on  0121 326 9035 or email info@taylorengineer.co.uk and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.