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Welding 101

Welding is a very important aspect of engineering and manufacturing. Without this ability, strong and durable connections between materials would not be possible. Thus making it hard to produce many different items that we rely on in our everyday lives, some examples being medical implants and electrical devices. This is why we have put together some welding Birmingham tips.

Earth Clamps
If the contact between the earth clamp and your vehicle is poor then it ill be very difficult to weld consistently.

If you have to weld an edge then we would highly recommend practising on a piece of scrap metal beforehand. This will help to develop the technique. As there is nowhere for the excess heat to go, welding edges can be a problem. This makes it easy for the edge to melt away and make the end result blobby. We have found that turning the wire speed down to very low helps. Also, hold the torch to very close to the steel, so close that the outer shield touched the metal. This results in a neat wield. However, this can also overheat the welding tip. Meaning that only short sections could be done at a time.

Thick to Thin
It can be a tricky business welding a 1mm thick sheet of steel onto a 4mm plate. As the problem is that you’ll need to use a high amp setting to get the weld to penetrate into the 4mm sheet. However, this setting will vaporise the 1mm sheet. So what do you do? Well, we would suggest using the high amp setting. Then strike an arc against the thicker sheet and get a weld pool going. Dip across into the thinner sheet and immediately back to the thicker sheet. The centre of the weld will then be on the thick sheet side of the join with the thin sheet at the edge of the weld. The job will be made easier will good contact between the sheets.

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